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A library for parsing html syntax

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Sauron is an HTML web framework for building web-apps with the goal of closely adhering to The Elm Architecture, a paragon of elegant design.

Sauron follow Elm's simplistic design of writing view code.


use sauron::prelude::*;
use wasm_bindgen::prelude::*;
use log::*;

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq, Clone)]
pub enum Msg {

pub struct App {
    click_count: u32,

impl App {
    pub fn new() -> Self {
        App { click_count: 0 }

impl Component<Msg> for App {

    fn view(&self) -> Node<Msg> {
            [class("some-class"), id("some-id"), attr("data-id", 1)],
                        value("Click me!"),
                        on_click(|_| {
                            trace!("Button is clicked");
                text!("Clicked: {}", self.click_count),

    fn update(&mut self, msg: Msg) -> Cmd<Self, Msg> {
        trace!("App is updating from msg: {:?}", msg);
        match msg {
            Msg::Click => {
                self.click_count += 1;


pub fn main() {


    <meta content="text/html;charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"/>
    <title>Minimal sauron app</title>
    <script src='pkg/minimal.js'></script>
    <script type=module>

In Cargo.toml, specify the crate-type to be cdylib

crate-type = ["cdylib"]

Build using

$> wasm-pack build --target no-modules

Look at the examples and the build script for the details.

Demo examples

Converting HTML into Sauron's syntax

html2sauron - A tool to easily convert html into sauron node tree for your views.

Note: When writing the view in sauron, just keep in mind that the function name is the element tag you are creating and there is 2 arguments for it. The first argument is an array of the attributes of the element and the second argument is an array of the children of the element.


div!([id("container"),class("hero")], [text("Content goes here")])

div macro call is the element tag. The 1st argument in the call is an array of attributes for the div element expressed in a function call id and class which are valid attributes for a div. The 2nd argument in the call is an array of the children elements, and you can nest as many as you like.


cargo install wasm-pack
cargo install basic-http-server

Warning: I repeat, You need to use the latest nightly compiler in order for this to work.



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License: MIT


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