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A tool to show prayer times in The Maldives

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A cli version of the salat mv mobile app. Used to show prayer times in Maldives.

This program uses the db from the salatmv app

~> salat_mv -ct

Time   :  06:34:05 pm

Fajr:   05:01 am
Sun:    06:15 am
Dhuhur: 12:24 pm
Asr:    03:44 pm
Magrib: 06:24 pm /------
Isha:   07:39 pm \-


Release Binaries

You can find the releases in the releases tab

only binaries for linux is available

Building From Source

  • Install Rust/Cargo on your system

  • Run cargo install salat_mv

Linux (with the shellscript)

  • Install Rust/Cargo on your system
  • Run git tag -l to get a list of tags
  • Run git checkout [version] to checkout to the latest tag (regular commits are not stable)
  • Run build_for_linux.sh
  • A file link should be available in ./target

All Platforms (manually)

  • Install Git to on your system

  • Install Rust/Cargo on your system

  • Clone this repository with git clone https://github.com/Quicksilver151/SalatMV.git

  • Open the folder inside a terminal

  • Run git tag -l to get a list of tags

  • Run git checkout [version name] to checkout to the latest tag. eg git checkout v0.3.6

  • Run cargo build --release

  • The executable file will be inside /target/release/


Run salat_mv --help to get the following list of commands:

SalatMV for cli

Usage: salat_mv [option]

    -h, --help       shows this help section
    -a, --active     keeps the program always running
    -n, --notify     enables notifications when using -a, edits notifications when not using -a (requires 'notify-send' command)
    -e, --edit       edit island index
    -c, --current    indicates the current time
    -t, --title      shows the title bar
    -r, --raw-data   outputs raw data in hours and minutes (incompatible with -A)
    -A, --array      outputs the data in an array (incompatible with -r, -c)
    -m, --minutes    outputs raw data in minutes
    -H, --hour       show time in 24 hour format
config contains island index
config is stored in ~/.config/salat_mv/

You can combine multiple flags like salat_mv -cantH (this will run it in always active mode with 24 Hour display while indicating the current time and showing a title bar)


version 2.0.0

  • Tui mode

version 1.0.0

  • Notifications via notify-send

  • Add notification editing

  • Notification support for windows & mac

  • Add notification missed message

  • Change edit mode to be more usable

  • More visual feedback for --current flag

  • config storage


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