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API Client for Gnosis Safe Transaction Service

1 unstable release

0.1.0 Nov 17, 2022

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Apache-2.0 OR MIT

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Safe Transaction Service API Client

Using the SDK

Instantiate an API client

use safe_sdk::SafeClient;

/// From a chain id, by looking up hardcoded endpoints
let client = SafeClient::by_chain_id(1);

/// From mainnet ethereum
let client = SafeClient::ethereum();

/// From an endpoint/chain ID pair
let service = safe_sdk::networks::TxService { url: "". chain_id: 0};
let client = SafeClient::new(service);

Instantiate a signing client

use safe_sdk::SigningClient;

/// From an ethers signer
let client = SigningClient::try_from_signer(ethers_signer);

/// From ethereum with an ethers signer
/// overrides the chain_id of the signer
let client = SigningClient::ethereum(ethers_signer);

/// From a service and signer
let service = safe_sdk::networks::TxService { url: "". chain_id: 0};
let client = SigningClient::with_service_and_signer(service, ethers_signer);

/// From an existing SafeClient
let client = safe_client.with_signer(ethers_signer);

Common Safe Actions

use safe_sdk::rpc::info::SafeInfoResponse;

/// Read info
let info: SafeInfoResponse = client.safe_info(safe_address).await?;
dbg!(&info.nonce); // u64 of on-chain Nonce
dbg!(&info.owners) // vec of addresses

/// Get next available nonce
let next_nonce = client.next_nonce(safe_address).await?;

/// Get SAFE msig tx history
let history = client.msig_history_builder().query(safe_address).await?;

/// Get SAFE msig tx history by nonce range
let history = client.msig_history_builder()


let tx =

TODOs & Rough Edges

  • Most endpoints are not implemented yet. This SDK prioritizes automated TX submission, NOT full API implementation.
  • Many params/types are not yet implemented.
  • API documentation is incomplete and we don't know the function of some properties.
  • Better integration with ethers
    • More implementations of From<X> for MetaTransactionData
  • Some properties are stringly typed, and should be turned into enums
  • Refine the API Response type


~575K SLoC