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0.1.5 Aug 31, 2015
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Primary Maintainer: Spandan Sharma (spandan.sharma@maidsafe.net)

Secondary Maintainer: Krishna Kumar (krishna.kumar@maidsafe.net)

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###Pre-requisite: libsodium is a native dependency for sodiumxoide. Thus, install sodium by following the instructions here.

For windows:

  • Download prebuilt libsodium library
  • Extract libsodium.a for x86/x64 from the corresponding folder in the archive to your local filesystem
  • Add this local path to %PATH%. (PATH=%PATH%;<path to extracted libsodium.a dir>)

###Build Instructions: safe_client can interface conditionally against either the routing crate or a mock used for local testing.

To use it with the Mock:

cargo build --features "use-mock-routing"
cargo test --features "use-mock-routing"

To interface it with actual routing (default):

cargo build
cargo test


~299K SLoC