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Command-line viewer for rustdoc documentation

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$ rusty-man rusty-man | head -5
rusty-man                       Module rusty-man                       rusty-man

      rusty-man is a command-line viewer for documentation generated by

Example Usage

Before running rusty-man, make sure that you generated the documentation with cargo doc:

$ cd rusty-man && cargo doc

Then you can open the documentation for an item:

$ rusty-man kuchiki::NodeRef

You don’t have to specificy the full item name:

$ rusty-man NodeRef

If the documentation is not placed in ./target/doc or the Rust installation directory, you have to manually set the source path using the -s/--source option:

$ rusty-man --source my/other/crate/target/doc io::Error

If there are multiple matches for the keyword, rusty-man will show you a list of all matching items:

$ rusty-man --source my/other/crate/target/doc u8
Found mulitple matches for u8 – select one of:

[ 0 ] core::u8: The 8-bit unsigned integer type.
[ 1 ] std::u8: The 8-bit unsigned integer type.

> 1

For more usage information, run rusty-man --help.


To install rusty-man, clone this repository and use cargo to build the project, or use cargo install. See the INSTALL.md file for more information.

rusty-man should run on all platforms supported by crossterm. If you have trouble running rusty-man on your platform or if you want to help porting rusty-man to other platforms, please let me know.



You can set rusty-man as the keyword program with set keywordprg=rusty-man and then use K to open the documentation for the item under the cursor. If you want to apply this setting for all Rust files, add it to the ftplugin/rust.vim file in your vim runtime directory (e. g. ~/.vim).


Contributions to this project are very welcome! You can contribute by writing code or documentation or by testing. See the CONTRIBUTING.md file for more information.

If you are looking for a good starting point, have a look at the issues with the label “good first issue” in rusty-man’s issue tracker.

Minimum Supported Rust Version

This crate supports Rust 1.40 or later.


For bug reports, patches, feature requests or other messages, please send a mail to the mailing list ~ireas/rusty-man-dev@lists.sr.ht (public archive) or contact me directly. You can also use the rusty-man issue tracker for bug reports or features requests.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

rusty-man complies with version 3.0 of the REUSE specification.


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