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TUS protocol implementation written in Rust.


This implementation has several features to make usage as simple as possible.

  • Rustus is robust, since it uses asynchronous Rust;
  • It can store information about uploads in databases;
  • You can specify directory structure to organize your uploads;
  • It has a lot of hooks options, and hooks can be combined.
  • Highly configurable;

Please check out Documentation for more information about configuration and deploy.


You can install rustus by 4 different ways.

From source

To build it from source rust must be installed. Preferred version is 1.59.0.

git clone https://github.com/s3rius/rustus.git
cd rustus
cargo install --path . --features=all,metrics

Also you can speedup build by disabling some features.

Available features:

  • amqp_notifier - adds amqp protocol support for notifying about upload status;
  • db_info_storage - adds support for storing information about upload in different databases (Postgres, MySQL, SQLite);
  • http_notifier - adds support for notifying about upload status via http protocol;
  • redis_info_storage - adds support for storing information about upload in redis database;
  • hashers - adds support for checksum verification;
  • metrics - adds rustus specific metrics to prometheus endpoint;
  • all - enables all rustus features except metrics.

All precompiled binaries have all features enabled.

With cargo

If you have cargo installed maybe it would be easier to install it directly from crates.io.

cargo install rustus --features=all


All precompiled binaries available on github releases page. You can download binaries from here, unpack it and run.


Make sure that you download version for your cpu and os.

Using docker

One of the most simple ways to run rustus is docker.

Rustus has two containers for each version.

  1. debian based image
  2. alpine based image

Alpine based images are more lightweight than debian

To run rustus you just need to run this command

docker run --rm -p "1081:1081" -d s3rius/rustus --log-level "DEBUG"


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