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core dependency for rustronomy crates providing interoperable types

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The Rustronomy Project - an astrophysics toolkit written in Rust

License: EUPL v1.2 Crates.io

this is the homepage of rustronomy-core, the shared core dependency for all rustronomy crates

The rustronomy-core crate provides types and traits that ensure interoperability between rustronomy crates. This crate should be updated very infrequently since all other rustronomy crates depend on its public API and breaking changes would require a large rewrite. Therefore, the functionality provided by rustronomy-core should be kept to a minimum.

Functionality (read the docs)

rustronomy-core currently provides traits and structs for working with cross-storage-format metadata, as well as an unstable data container to be used for representing table-like (textual) data.

See module docs for more info.


License: EUPL v1.2

All crates in the Rustronomy ecosystem are licensed under the EUPLv1.2 (or higher) license.

Rustronomy is explicitly not licensed under the dual Apache/MIT license common to the Rust ecosystem. Instead it is licensed under the terms of the European Union Public License v1.2.

Rustronomy is a science project and embraces the values of open science and free and open software. Closed and paid scientific software suites hinder the development of new technologies and research methods, as well as diverting much- needed public funds away from researchers to large publishing and software companies.

See the LICENSE.md file for the EUPL text in all 22 official languages of the EU, and LICENSE-EN.txt for a plain text English version of the license.


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