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rustget (rget)

A parallel downloader, like wget.


The binary name for rustget is rget

If you're a Rust Programmer, rustget can be installed through cargo by running:

$ cargo install rustget


rustget is built with Rust, so you need to have a version of Rust installed. To build rustget:

$ git clone https://github.com/SummaDiaboli/rustget
$ cd rustget
$ cargo build --release
$ ./target/release/rget --version

Using rustget


rget [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --dest <filename> --url <url>

The options and flags can come in any order as long as the required values are used.


Valid uses of rget:

$ rget -u https://www.google.com -d index.html
$ rget -d index -u https://www.google.com
$ rget -d index.html -u https://www.google.com -t 6
$ rget -t 6 -d ~/Documents/index.html -r 4 -u https://www.google.com

Invalid uses of rget:

$ rget -d index.html -u www.google.com
$ rget -u https://www.google.com -d index.html -t fish
$ rget -u https://www.google.com -r fish -d index.html


-h: Show rustget's condensed help output. --help: Show rustget's longer form help output. -V/--version: Prints the version information. -v/--verbosity: Pass many times for more log output. By default, it'll only report errors. Passing -v one time also prints warnings, -vv enables info logging, -vvv debug, and -vvvv trace.


-d/--dest <filename>: Create filename. It could also the path, including the filename. This is required. -r/--retry <retry>: Set number of time to retry download after failures in downloading. It defaults to 0. -t/--threads <threads>: Set the number of threads to use for the download. It defaults to 4. -u/--url <url>: The url to fetch the file from. This is required.


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