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Mod manager CLI for Northstar


  • Install and update Northstar from the command line
  • Search Thunderstore for mods from the command line
  • Download a mod and its dependencies with one command
  • Easily keep your mods up to date


papa install fifty.server_utilities #install a mod
papa list #list installed mods
papa update #update any out of date mods
papa remove fifty.server_utilities #uninstall a mod

Upgrading to v4.0.0

v4 includes support for Northstar's new native thunderstore package loading, meaning that mods that live in the current mods directory won't be managed by papa anymore. I suggest running papa export before updating to v4, and then running papa import to reinstall your mods in the new package directory. The old mods will need to be removed manually, just be sure to not delete the Northstar. core mods (or at least run papa ns init -f to reinstall them afterwards)


I suggest that you initialize Northstar to set everything up automatically

papa ns init

Or create a file at .config/papa/config.toml and set install_dir to whatever directory you want

Ubuntu/Debian(& derivatives)

Download the .deb file from the latest release and install it using whatever you usually use to install packages:

sudo apt install ./papa_4.0.0.deb

Arch Linux

Community maintained papa and papa-bin packages are available on the AUR:

paru -S papa


Download and run the .msi installer from the latest release.

Using prebuilt binaries

Download the appropriate binary for your system (make sure you get the .exe for Windows) and place it somewhere in your PATH. You should then be able to call the papa command from your favorite command line.

Building from source

If you have cargo installed on your system, you should be able to install papa directly from crates.io

 cargo install papa

or from the git repo

 cargo install --git https://github.com/AnActualEmerald/papa

If you want to build from source but don't have cargo installed, you should check out rustup.rs


  • pkgconfig
  • openssl


  • The default install directory is relative to the current working directory, meaning that running papa install in ~/ will install mods into ~/mods


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