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Rust Executable file Parser

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.2 Apr 3, 2018
0.1.1 Mar 18, 2018
0.1.0 Mar 18, 2018

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Contains (ELF exe/lib, 10KB) test/test, (ELF exe/lib, 9KB) test/test32

Rustep - Rust Executable Parser

A executable parser written in Rust. ELF support is now done, bugs are remain to be discovered and fixed.

Note: Only 64 bit OS is supported.

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Current Progress

  • ELF file format support
  • more ELF info to extract
  • PE file format support
  • macho file format support
  • DWARF support
  • operation support


Contributions are welcome, please check the issues first. Pull requests are always welcome.


MIT License is used. Please refer to LICENSE file.

Author and Thanks

Anciety@ding641880047@126.com. You are welcomed to send emails when you have any problems.


~102K SLoC