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Note: This is an unstable fork made for use in rustc

Rayon-core represents the "core, stable" APIs of Rayon: join, scope, and so forth, as well as the ability to create custom thread-pools with ThreadPool.

Maybe worth mentioning: users are not necessarily intended to directly access rayon-core; all its APIs are mirror in the rayon crate. To that end, the examples in the docs use rayon::join and so forth rather than rayon_core::join.

rayon-core aims to never, or almost never, have a breaking change to its API, because each revision of rayon-core also houses the global thread-pool (and hence if you have two simultaneous versions of rayon-core, you have two thread-pools).

Please see Rayon Docs for details about using Rayon.

Rayon-core currently requires rustc 1.28.0 or greater.


Under construction

Restricting multiple versions

In order to ensure proper coordination between threadpools, and especially to make sure there's only one global threadpool, rayon-core is actively restricted from building multiple versions of itself into a single target. You may see a build error like this in violation:

error: native library `rayon-core` is being linked to by more
than one package, and can only be linked to by one package

While we strive to keep rayon-core semver-compatible, it's still possible to arrive at this situation if different crates have overly restrictive tilde or inequality requirements for rayon-core. The conflicting requirements will need to be resolved before the build will succeed.