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A collection of high-performance task executors

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A library with high-performace task executors for Rust.

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Add this to your Cargo.toml:

executors = "0.4"

You can use, for example, the crossbeam_workstealing_pool to schedule a number n_jobs over a number n_workers threads, and collect the results via an mpsc::channel.

use executors::*;
use executors::crossbeam_workstealing_pool::ThreadPool;
use std::sync::mpsc::channel;

let n_workers = 4;
let n_jobs = 8;
let pool = ThreadPool::new(n_workers);

let (tx, rx) = channel();
for _ in 0..n_jobs {
    let tx = tx.clone();
    pool.execute(move|| {
        tx.send(1).expect("channel will be there waiting for the pool");

assert_eq!(rx.iter().take(n_jobs).fold(0, |a, b| a + b), 8);

Rust Version

Requires at least Rust 1.26, due to crossbeam-channel requirements.

Deciding on an Implementation

To select an Executor implementation, it is best to test the exact requirements on the target hardware. The crate executor-performance provides a performance testing suite for the provided implementations. To use it clone this repository, run cargo build --release, and then check target/release/executor-performance --help to see the available options. There is also a small script to test thread-scaling with some reasonable default options.

In general, crossbeam_workstealing_pool works best for workloads where the tasks on the worker threads spawn more and more tasks. If all tasks a spawned from a single thread that isn't part of the threadpool, then the threadpool_executor tends perform best with single worker and crossbeam_channel_pool performs best for a larger number of workers.

If you don't know what hardware your code is going to run on, use the crossbeam_workstealing_pool. It tends to perform best on all the hardware I have tested (which is pretty much Intel processors like i7 and Xeon).


Licensed under the terms of MIT license.

See LICENSE for details.