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Rust Bucket

My ideal vision of a pastebin/image/file host, easy to use from the command line with any tools, and from a browser with and without javascript

Borrows ideas and inspiration from many different pastebins over the years:

Delete after 1/2 views, 5/10 minutes, 1 hour/day/week/month/year, forever, delete after not viewed within X

Don't store file type, only used for link, can use any suffix for link

Store when to delete (how many views + how long), store how many times viewed, store when uploaded (or file creation date?)

Maybe if we only support 'burn after reading' like zerobin we can use a special created_date to signify this and then never count views, or, another file, since that would interfere with 'delete after X time'

Crazy random thoughts:

  • hash IDs, use un-hashed ID to encrypt paste


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