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A GNU/wc clone written in rust, which is faster when reading a large of big files

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0.3.5 Dec 19, 2022
0.3.4 Nov 10, 2022
0.3.2 Oct 29, 2022

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This is just a simple version of GNU/wc command clone, written in Rust.
For rust beginners, feel free to look this project for practice :)
(Using Clap-v4)



What I had archived are as follows:

  • Support for reading multiple files and calculating the result in parrllel
  • Pretty tabled output
  • Colorful progress bar for reading files (It is useful when reading large file)
  • Completions for common shells (Look here for more information)

It is super faster and prettier than wc command when reading a large of big files. (Thanks to rayon)
But it may be slower when reading a small numbers of small files due to time spending for runtime building.

For the Chinese, you could view my blog about using clap-rs to write this project



git clone https://github.com/jedsek/rust-wc
cd rust-wc
cargo build --release

The path of command is rust-wc/target/release/rwc, you could copy/move it to other place
or just cargo run --release -- <args>


You could download the binary published in Release


  • Count the files in the specified directory with all options enabled:
$ rwc all src/*
Please waiting...

Reading files / Getting content from stdin:
[0s][100%] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 153B Done!
[0s][100%] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 126B Done!
[0s][100%] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1.65 KiB Done!
[0s][100%] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5.43 KiB Done!
 Path          │ Bytes │ Chars │ Words │ Lines │ Maximum line width (Unicode) 
 ./src/calc.rs │ 5562  │ 5562  │ 450   │ 181   │ 110                          │
 ./src/main.rs │ 153   │ 153   │ 18    │ 8     │ 34                           │
 ./src/cli.rs  │ 1694  │ 1694  │ 198   │ 63    │ 127                          │
 ./src/lib.rs  │ 126   │ 126   │ 14    │ 6     │ 72                           │
  • Get help:
$ rwc -h
A GNU/wc clone written in rust, which is faster when reading a large of big files

Usage: rwc <--bytes|--chars|--words|--lines|--longest-line> [PATH]...
       rwc [PATH]... <COMMAND>

  all   Enabled all available options
  help  Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  [PATH]...  The path(s) you should provide
             Note when without FILE or it is `-`, read standard input (stop inputting by `CTRL-D`)
             The file read from stdin will prefix with `Input/`, and the other will prefix with `./` [default: -]

  -b, --bytes         Print the byte counts
  -c, --chars         Print the character counts
  -w, --words         Print the word counts
  -l, --lines         Print the line counts
  -L, --longest-line  Print the maximum line width (Unicode)
  -h, --help          Print help information
  -V, --version       Print version information


Welcome to open issus when you meet problems or want to improve the code.
Thanks :)


  • Better handling directories arguments
  • Output should report errors when the file could't be read
  • Respect .gitignore file


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