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bin+lib rust-kanban

A kanban board for the terminal built with ❤️ in Rust

35 releases

0.9.6 May 10, 2024
0.9.4 Feb 22, 2024
0.8.2 Nov 20, 2023
0.7.3 Jul 26, 2023
0.5.1 Mar 15, 2023

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Kanban App for the terminal written in rust

This kanban app will allow the user to be more productive by prioritizing tasks and achieving goals faster


I am new to rust and wanted to learn the language in a project-oriented manner, feel free to drop feedback on my code😁. Another reason for building a TUI is that I spend the majority of my time in the terminal whether it is testing or running code or writing code in neovim. I haven't been able to find any other alternatives so I have started to make my own!


Feel free to make a pull request or make a new issue, I am open to suggestions ✌️ ** I currently do not own a Mac so I am unable to test the app on Mac, if you can test it on Mac, please let me know if there are any issues.


  • Unify all text input fields and improve the way they are handled (currently there are multiple ways to handle text input)
  • Optimize logger to handle high volumes of logs (app becomes sluggish when there are a lot of logs)
  • Make configuration for integer values more user-friendly (e.g. when changing the number of columns in the kanban board)
  • Add a date picker for the date field
  • Improve error handling by implementing best practices
  • Implement animations for UI elements
  • Implement a way to sync with other services like notion
  • Write Tests
  • Add a Tutorial for new users (Preferably in the app itself with animations and highlighting of UI elements)
  • (Chore) Add documentation to functions and useful comments
  • (Chore) Refactor convoluted functions with many nested statements

Completed Features

  • Drag and Drop cards with the mouse
  • Allow for vertical movement in text fields (e.g. card description)
  • Encryption for Cloud Saves
  • Implement Cloud saves
  • Ability to scroll through logs
  • Ability to Undo and Redo actions
  • Ability to change date formats
  • Ability to search for cards and boards in the command palette
  • Ability to filter cards by tags
  • Allow Card to be modified in Card View
  • Implement a way to add custom colors (Theme support)
  • Implement a way to interact with the kanban board using the mouse (Clicking, Scrolling are supported as of now)
  • Added ability to export kanban data to JSON
  • Implement a Command Palette (like in vs code (Ctrl + Shift + P)) as a way to interact with the app instead of using keybindings
  • Implement previews for loading a save
  • Toast Message Implementation -- (Inspired by nvim-notify)
  • Improve Help Messages
  • Custom Keybindings
  • Implement the Kanban Boards ( the main UI basically )
  • Auto Save on exit
  • Save/Load Kanban state
  • Hide/Un-hide UI elements
  • Refactoring UI Logic
  • Focusing and highlighting UI elements
  • Input Handling
  • Logging

Known Issues

None as of now

PSA (i.e. Public service announcement)

  • Cloud saves are now encrypted. Please keep your generated key safe. It is usually located in "config/rust_kanban/kanban_encryption_key" after signing up. If you lose your key, you will not be able to access your data (I Cannot see your data nor edit it/decrypt it). If you have lost your key, you will have to delete your data after logging in and generate a new key using the -g flag.
  • If you are not feeling safe to store your key on disk you can also provide the generated key with the --encryption-key flag when starting the app. This will allow you to store your key in a password manager or a file that is not on disk. by copying the generated key from the key location and deleting it thereafter
  • linux example : rust-kanban --encryption-key $(cat ~/.config/rust_kanban/kanban_encryption_key)
  • How to use

    Default Keybindings

    Keybinding Action
    'Ctrl + c' or 'q' Quit
    'Tab' Next Focus
    'BackTab' Previous Focus
    'c' Configure
    'Up' Move Up
    'Down' Move Down
    'Right' Move Right
    'Left' Move Left
    'i' Take User Input (when filling out a form)
    'Insert' Exit user input mode
    'h' Hide UI Element
    'Ctrl + s' Save State
    'b' New Board
    'n' New Card
    'd' Delete Card
    'D' or 'Shift + d' Delete Board
    '1' Change Card Status to Completed
    '2' Change Card Status to Active
    '3' Change Card Status to Stale
    'r' Reset UI to Default
    'm' Go to Main Menu
    'Ctrl + p' Toggle Command Palette
    'Esc' Go to Previous UI Mode
    't' Clear Toast Messages
    'Mouse Left Click' Select UI Element
    'Mouse Middle Click' Open Command Palette
    'Mouse Right Click' Go to Previous UI Mode
    'Mouse Scroll Up' Scroll Up Cards
    'Mouse Scroll Down' Scroll Down Cards (for cards)
    'Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Up' Scroll to the right (for boards)
    'Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Down' Scroll to the left (for boards)

    Available Themes

    • Default Theme Default Theme
    • Light Light
    • Midnight Blue Midnight Blue
    • Slate Slate
    • Metro Metro
    • Matrix Matrix
    • Cyberpunk Cyberpunk
    • Dracula Dracula


    ~499K SLoC