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Raw Assimp bindings for rust

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0.1.6 Dec 17, 2020

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russimp-sys russimp-sys Crates.io

Assimp raw bindings for Rust.

There is a high chance that you are actually looking for russimp https://github.com/jkvargas/russimp

How to use

By default, you will need to have assimp installed on your system, if you are an ubuntu user I believe you will need to install libassimp-dev.

russimp-sys will look for assimp library and headers from your system, generates rust bindings and dynamic linking to assimp shared library.

For Windows, This package uses cargo-vcpkg to manage system dependencies. Running cargo vcpkg build will build the necessary dependencies within the target directory. Alternatively provide a VCPKG_ROOT environment variable pointed at the location of a shared vcpkg installation.

For who want a standalone executable file. Enable prebuilt feature, then russimp-sys will download the prebuilt assimp static library and its dependencies from github, linking libraries to your executable, but it will increase the size of the executable.


You can use the following FEATURES to configure the behavior of russimp-sys.


Download prebuilt Assimp static library binaries from github and skip building from source.

Because Assimp build is slow and have build environment requirements. We provide prebuilt binaries for common platforms and features.

When a new version is released, github action automatically runs pre-build tasks, and all prebuilt binaries are saved in github releases.

The russimp-sys build script will try to download the prebuilt binaries from github first, and skip the full source build.


Enabling static-link feature without prebuilt feature, will build assimp from source.

Build from source need the following dependencies:

  • cmake
  • clang
  • Ninja for Linux and MacOS, Visual Studio 2019 for Windows


By default russimp-sys will statically link zlibstatic, you can disable this feature if it conflicts with other dependencies.


By default russimp-sys links to libstdc++ in linux and libc++ in macos, turning this on russimp-sys won't link to the c++ standard library.



  • Builds based on 5.1.0 release

No runtime deps

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