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Rust bindings for Assimp (https://github.com/assimp/assimp)


Russimp is a library for talking to the assimp library which enables you to read 3d models in different formats to a common structure.

  • OSX: You will need to update Brew and install assimp with it.
  • Linux: You will need to install assimp 5.1.0. I guess that ubuntu still has 5.0.1 on their repos. If that is the case then you can take a look at install_assimp.bash on how to install it manually.
  • Windows: Still not supported since vcpkg still only offers assimp 5.0.1.

If you need bindings for version 5.0.1 just pickup a release before 1.0.0.


If you want to help maintaining this package on windows or macos, please let me know. For windows support you can check the last PR related to it, https://github.com/jkvargas/russimp/pull/16.

You are very welcome to help with development, adding a feature, fixing a problem or just refactoring. Try to do it with tests =)

Make sure to run cargo fmt before creating a pull request.

How to use it?

Just call Scene::from_file with the filename and the flags you want. From the scene you will have access to the underlying structs.

let scene = Scene::from_file("myfile.blend",



  • PostProcessing typo, GenenerateUVCoords was changed to GenerateUVCoords.


  • Builds based on 5.1.0 release


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