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This is a command line and geek style password manager written in Rust

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0.1.2 Jul 29, 2022
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0.1.0 Jul 29, 2022

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rupass is a command line and geek style password manager written in Rust.
crates.io Rust Version

🍻 Features

  • Built with Sledinquire and clap
  • Offer add、delete、search functions now

🧸 Installation

To install rupass, use package manager:

cargo install rupass

By default, this command will download the crate and compile the binary file and then copy it to ~/.cargo/bin/, if you have already set enviroment variables, you can run with rupass then.

🎡 Usage

Run rupass --help to see the details:


🌴 Init

First you need to init your database to store your account info, the default dir is in your home dir: e.g.~/.rupass.

rupass init

You need an entry password you must remember, but now, it's no use, maybe in use few days later. image.png

☘️ Add password

rupass add

You need input info below:

  • website/app keywords
  • username
  • password(default display with *, you can show it with Ctrl+R)
  • notes


🍀 Search password

rupass search

Just input the keyword, there is a suggester for you! You can select which you want. image.png

🍁 Delete password

rupass delete

You need input the entire account info, such as baidu.com<admin>. in fact, you don't need to input the entire info, just select from the suggester which you need to delete. image.png


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