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Twitter Command Line Tool for people who hope real twitter

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RTWI (Real Twitter)

rtwi at crates.io

What is RTWI?

On twitter, you don't need to find other person's tweets because twitter means a person who tweet. On RTWI, you can only tweet, so you can experience Real Twitter.

High Performance

Here is a table which includes times to tweet 'hello everyone' for each client.

Client time(sec)
Twitter Web App 8.63
rtwi 7.34


  1. Install from github
$ git clone https://github.com/earlgray283/rtwi.git
$ cd rtwi
$ cargo build --release
$ cp ./target/release/rtwi path/to/dir


$ cargo install rtwi


1. login

To use rtwi, you must generate Twitter API keys.
Following console, please create api keys.

$ rtwi login

also you can login by creating $HOME/.config/rtwi/Config.toml.
Please see https://github.com/earlgray283/rtwi/blob/main/Config.toml.

$ mkdir -p $HOME/.config/rtwi/
$ echo '
name = "@earlgrayyyy!!!!"

api_key = "api_keyyyy!!!!"
api_secret_key = "api_secret_keyyyy!!!!"
access_token = "access_tokennnn!!!!"
access_token_secret = "amazing_mightyyyy!!!!"' > $HOME/.config/rtwi/Config.toml

2. tweet

$ rtwi tweet 'hello from rtwi. I use †Real Twitter†.'
status: tweeted

3. status

$ rtwi status
display name: あーるぐれい
user_id: @earlgray329
bio: セイロンが好きです


If you hope, you can escape from Real Twitter and can watch Timeline on rtwi.

real_twitter = false


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