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SIMD vectorized implementations of various math functions used in ML models

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This crate provides portable SIMD types that abstract over SIMD intrinsics on different architectures. Unlike std::simd this works on stable Rust. There is also functionality to detect the available instructions at runtime and dispatch to the optimal implementation.

This crate also contains SIMD-vectorized versions of math functions such as exp, erf, tanh, softmax etc. that are performance-critical in machine-learning models.


SIMD-vectorized implementations of various math functions that are commonly used in neural networks.

For each function in this library there are multiple variants, which typically include:

  • A version that operates on scalars
  • A version that reads values from an input slice and writes to the corresponding position in an equal-length output slice. These have a vec_ prefix.
  • A version that reads values from a mutable input slice and writes the computed values back in-place. These have a vec_ prefix and _in_place suffix.

All variants use the same underlying implementation and should have the same accuracy.

See the source code for comments on accuracy.