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app rst-traverse

A terminal based file manager

2 stable releases

2.0.1 Aug 28, 2023

MIT license



Rust traverse is a terminal based file explorer. It is inspired by the NNN file manager. It uses Ratatui for the terminal UI, with Crossterm for the terminal backend.

To traverse or not to traverse?



  • Full CRUD operations on files and directories.
  • Move and copy files and directories.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigation and operations, to make sure you don't have to leave the keyboard.
  • Traverse directly to a directory by typing its path.
  • Configurable.
  • Extract tar.gz, or zip archives.
  • Bookmarks for your favourite directories.
  • Fuzzy finder for files in your current directory.
  • Preview files in the terminal.
  • Blazingly fast.


From source

  1. Install Rust.
  2. Clone the repository.
  3. Run cargo build --release.
  4. The binary will be in target/release/rt.
  5. Add the binary to your path.

From Cargo

  1. Install Rust.
  2. Run cargo install rst-traverse.
  3. Add the binary to your path.
  4. Make sure cargo's bin directory is in your path.
  5. (Optional) Rename the binary to rt or whatever suits you.

From Binary

  1. Download the binary from the releases page.
  2. chmod +x rst-traverse (linux only) within the same directory as it, to make it executable.
  3. Move the resulting binary to your path.


Run rst-traverse in your terminal.

Keyboard Shortcuts


  • ESC or q: Quit the application.
  • 1: Select the Files pane.
  • 2: Select the Directories pane.
  • j: Select the next item in the current pane.
  • k: Select the previous item in the current pane.

File and Directory Operations

  • n: Create a new file or directory, depending on the current pane.
  • CTRL + d: Delete the selected file or directory, (to bin).
  • r: Rename the selected file or directory.
  • f: Navigate to a directory using a relative or absolute path.
  • x: Extract the selected archive, to the current directory.

Move/Copy Operations

  • c: Append the selected file or directory to the move/copy buffer.
  • p: Opens the move/copy buffer menu, (enter on any option is in relation to your current directory).

Fuzzy Finder Operations

  • w: Toggle fzf.
  • CTRL + n: 'Next' item in results.
  • CTRL + p: 'Previous' item in results.

Bookmark Operations

  • b: Shows bookmarks menu.
  • z: Add current directory to bookmarks.
  • CTRL + n: 'Next' bookmark in menu.
  • CTRL + p: 'Previous' bookmark in menu.


  • ?: Shows help menu.


The configuration file is located at <config-dir>/traverse/config.txt. The default configuration is as follows:


The excluded directories are directories that will not be searched when using the FZF.

The bookmarks file is located at <config-dir>/traverse/bookmarks.txt.


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