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  • RSS Funnel

The RSS Funnel is a modular RSS processing pipeline. It is designed to be used to modify existing RSS source in various interesting ways such as:

  • Fetch full content
  • Generate a RSS feed from an HTML page
  • Remove unwanted elements from the article (using a CSS selector)
  • Keep or remove articles matching keywords or patterns
  • Highlight keywords in articles
  • Redact or replace text in the article (using a regular expression)
  • Split a single RSS article into multiple articles
  • Merge multiple feeds into a single feed
  • Run arbitrary JS code to transform the feed or articles (with [[https://github.com/shouya/rss-funnel/wiki/JS-DOM-API][DOM API support]])

[[https://rss-funnel-demo.fly.dev/][Try out the live demo!]]

** Installation

You can use the docker image ([[https://github.com/shouya/rss-funnel/pkgs/container/rss-funnel][latest version]]) in your =docker-compose.yaml=:

#+begin_src yaml version: "3.8" services: rss-funnel: image: ghcr.io/shouya/rss-funnel:latest ports: - 4080:4080 volumes: - ./funnel.yaml:/funnel.yaml command: /rss-funnel -c /funnel.yaml server -b #+end_src

Alternatively, you can build it directly from source:

#+begin_src bash git clone https://github.com/shouya/rss-funnel.git cd rss-funnel

first build the front-end assets

cd inspector && npm i && npm run build && cd ..

then build the binary

cargo build --release #+end_src

Or if you prefer not to build from source, you can download the pre-built artifacts from [[https://github.com/shouya/rss-funnel/releases][release page]].

** Usage

To use =rss-funnel=, you need to supply a configuration file in YAML. Here is an example configuration.

#+begin_src yaml endpoints:

Save above file to =/path/to/funnel.yaml= and run the following command:

#+begin_src rss-funnel -c /path/to/funnel.yaml server #+end_src

You can optionally specify the bind address and port (default = Detailed usage can be found in =--help= output.

The endpoints like = should be serving the filtered feeds.

** Endpoint

Each of the configuration contains a number of endpoints. Each endpoint correspond to a RSS feed.


  • =path= (required): The path of the endpoint. The path should start with =/=.
  • =note= (optional): A note for the endpoint. Only used for display purpose.
  • =source= (optional): The source url of the RSS feed.
    • If not specified, you must specify =?source== query in the request. This allows for usages like applying same filters for different feeds.
    • If the source points to a HTML page, =rss-funnel= will try to generate a RSS feed from the page with a single article. You can then use =split= filter to split the single article into multiple articles. See [[https://github.com/shouya/rss-funnel/wiki/Cookbook#hacker-news-top-links][Cookbook: Hacker News Top Links]] for an example.
  • =filters= (required): A list of filters to apply to the feed.
    • The feed from the =source= goes through the filters in the order specified. You can think of each filter as corresponding to a transformation on the =Feed=.
    • Each filter is specified as an YAML object with the singleton key being the name of the filter and the value being the configuration of the filter.
      • For example, in the filter definition: =- keep_element: .p_mainnew=
        • the filter's name is =keep_element=
        • the configuration is the string value =.p_mainnew=. Depending on the filter, the configuration can have different types.
    • The =Feed= object from the last filter is returned as the response.
  • =client= (optional): The configuration for the HTTP client used to fetch the source like the user_agent. See [[https://github.com/shouya/rss-funnel/wiki/Client-config][Client config]] for detail.

** Filters

See [[https://github.com/shouya/rss-funnel/wiki/Filters][Filters]] for the documentations for all available filters.

** Cookbook

See [[https://github.com/shouya/rss-funnel/wiki/Cookbook][Cookbook]] for some examples of using =rss-funnel=.


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