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A simple rust program to scan rss feeds and send discord pings for new events

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A simple rust program to scan rss feeds and send discord pings for new events.


Make sure you have rust installed, then clone the repo and run cargo build --release from the project root, the resulting binary will be located at ./target/release/


Run the binary with the following environment variables set:

  • WEBHOOK_URL: A discord webhook url to send the notifications to
  • FEED_URL: A url pointing to the rss feed that you want to monitor
  • FEED_NAME: A name for the rss feed
  • MESSAGE_CONTENT: Optional content for the message, useful for pinging users or roles with <@user_id> or <@&role_id>
  • FEED_IS_HTML: If this variable is set to any value, the feed description will be handled as html
  • RSS_REPLACEMENTS: A list, separated by :, where each entry specifies a replacement to apply on the embed's description with the syntax <search>/<replacement>. Backslashes are used to escape : and / characters.

I recommend running the program periodically (i.e. with cron) to receive updates of the feed. To check for updates on multiple feeds at once, create multiple cron jobs with different environment variables.


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