Cargo Features

rquickjs = { version = "0.6.2", default-features = false, features = ["full", "full-async", "chrono", "either", "indexmap", "phf", "bindgen", "parallel", "loader", "dyn-load", "allocator", "rust-alloc", "classes", "properties", "array-buffer", "macro", "futures", "dump-bytecode", "dump-gc", "dump-gc-free", "dump-free", "dump-leaks", "dump-mem", "dump-objects", "dump-atoms", "dump-shapes", "dump-module-resolve", "dump-promise", "dump-read-object", "compile-tests", "doc-cfg"] }
default = classes, properties

These default features are set whenever rquickjs is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

full full-async? = allocator, array-buffer, chrono, classes, dyn-load, either, indexmap, loader, macro, phf, properties

Almost all features excluding "parallel" and support for async runtimes

full-async = full, futures

Almost all features excluding "parallel"

chrono full?

Chrono support.

Enables chrono of rquickjs-core

either full? = either-rs

Enable support for Either type

Enables either of rquickjs-core

indexmap full? = indexmap-rs

Enable support for IndexMap and IndexSet types type

Enables indexmap of rquickjs-core

phf full?

Enable support for perfect hash maps

Enables phf of rquickjs-core and rquickjs-macro


Use bindgen to generate bindings at compile-time
otherwise bundled bindings will be used

Enables bindgen of rquickjs-core and optional rquickjs-macro


Enable support of parallel execution

Enables parallel of rquickjs-core

loader full?

Enable user-defined module loader support

Enables loader of rquickjs-core

dyn-load full?

Enable native module loading support

Enables dyn-load of rquickjs-core

allocator full?

Enable user-defined allocator support

Enables allocator of rquickjs-core


Use Rust global allocator by default
otherwise libc allocator will be used

Enables rust-alloc of rquickjs-core

classes default full?

Enable user-defined classes support

Enables classes of rquickjs-core

properties default full?

Enable user-defined properties support

Enables properties of rquickjs-core

array-buffer full?

Enable ArrayBuffer and TypedArray support

Enables array-buffer of rquickjs-core

macro full? = rquickjs-macro

Enable helper macros

futures full-async?

Enable interop between Rust futures and JS Promises

Enables futures of rquickjs-core


Enable QuickJS dumps for debug

Enables dump-bytecode of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-gc of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-gc-free of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-free of rquickjs-core


Dump JS values which still alive when runtime is freed

Enables dump-leaks of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-mem of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-objects of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-atoms of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-shapes of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-module-resolve of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-promise of rquickjs-core


Enables dump-read-object of rquickjs-core


Enable compilation tests

Enables compile-tests of rquickjs-core


Enable unstable doc-cfg feature (for

Enables doc-cfg of rquickjs-core

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

either-rs either?

Enables either

indexmap-rs indexmap?

Enables indexmap

rquickjs-macro macro? phf?