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Useful events built on top of rsevents. Includes countdown event.

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rsevents-extra is a utility crate with a number of useful synchronization "primitives" built on top of (and therefore, at a higher level then) rsevents. rsevents-extra is a community project, feel free to contribute additional synchronization objects to this crate!

About rsevents

Please refer to the rsevents README and documentation to learn more about rsevents. At its core, rsevents is a low-level signalling and synchronization library, mimicking the behavior of the WIN32 auto- and manual-reset events, and can be useful to add lightweight and performant synchronization to programs where the needs do not strictly align with the concepts of critical sections.

Utility events included in this crate

This crate contains implementations of the following events:

  • Countdown Event

Countdown Event

A countdown event is a useful synchronization tool for spawning tasks and checking on their completion status. A CountdownEvent object is instantiated with a count, and upon each call to CountdownEvent::tick(), the internal count is decremented. A waiter can call CountdownEvent::wait() (or any of the other wait routines exposed by the Awaitable trait) to block (efficiently) until the countdown reaches zero. Once the internal countdown reaches zero, the event becomes set and waiters are woken/notified.