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A language server for rust-script.

How it works

Internally, RSCLS spawns an instance of rust-analyzer with no package configuration. Every time RSCLS receives textDocument/didOpen request from the client with rust-script, rust_script or rustscript language id, it changes the language id to rust, run rust-script to obtain the project directory and setup linkedProject for the project.

What doesn't work

  • Does NOT work on templated rust-scripts, including those need main function added.
    • Current implementation doesn't translate file paths nor positions in a file. Since templated rust-scripts are not valid as rust program, we can't handle them directly.
  • Commands may not work properly.
  • Currently, minimum supported rust-script version is 0.28.0.


cargo install rscls

You can alternatively clone this repository to your local, maybe modify some code and run

cargo install --path path-to-cloned-dir

to install locally modified version of the code.


cargo uninstall rscls

Example configuration

Here's an example configuration for nvim-lspconfig. I don't use other editor/IDEs, so please figure them out on your own. Pull requests are welcomed!

-- Assumes `autocmd BufEnter *.ers  setlocal filetype=rust-script` or similar
local lsp_configs = require 'lspconfig.configs'
if not lsp_configs.rlscls then
    lsp_configs.rlscls = {
        default_config = {
            cmd = { 'rscls' },
            filetypes = { 'rust-script' },
            root_dir = function(fname)
                return lspconfig.util.path.dirname(fname)
        docs = {
            description = [[

rscls, a language server for rust-script
lspconfig.rlscls.setup {
    settings = {
        ['rust-analyzer'] = {
            imports = {
                group = {
                    enable = true,
                granularity = {
                    enforce = true,
                    group = "crate",
            cargo = {
                buildScripts = {
                    enable = true,
            procMacro = {
                enable = true,


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed under the terms of both the Apache License, Version 2.0 and the MIT license without any additional terms or conditions.


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