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A container-like system for generating dice rolls

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A container-like system for generating dice rolls


rouler is a Rust library for generating die rolls from convenient little state containers. A die roll can be created and stored and called repeatedly to generate new values.

This allows easy use and re-use of specific die rolls, and even comparison.

extern crate rouler;

use rouler::Roller;

let mut stat = Roller::new("3d6");

println!("STR: {}", stat.total());
println!("DEX: {}", stat.reroll());

println!("Last stat roll: {}", stat);

let att = Roller::new("1d20 + 5");
let def = Roller::new("1d20 + 2");

if att > def {
    println!("You struck the monster!");        
} else {
    println!("You missed!");


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