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Rosetta Server for Ethereum Chains

This Project contains BlockchainClient implementation of ethereum chains.

Methods implemented are:

  • config
  • genesis_block
  • node_version
  • current_block
  • balance
  • faucet
  • metadata
  • submit
  • block
  • block_transaction
  • call


This method returns BlockchainConfig which contains the configuration specific details for ethereum chain.


Returns genesis block identifier.


Returns node client version.


Fetches current block using RPC and returns its identifier.


Fetches account balance from on chain and returns it. It takes two arguments: address: Address of account we want to fetch balance of. block: block identifier of block at which we want to fetch balance of account.


This function takes PartialBlockIdentifier which contains a block index or hash and returns block transaction and operations happened in that transaction.


This function takes: block: Which is a block identifier of block from which we want to fetch transaction from. tx: Transaction identifier of transaction we want to fetch.

And returns a specific transaction and its operations within specified block.


This method is used to fund an account with some amount of tokens in testnet. It takes two arguments: address: Address of account we want to fund. amount: Amount of tokens we want to fund.


This call is used to fetch nonce of account, It takes two arguments: public_key: This is the public key of sender. options: This is Params needed to create metadata. For ethereum chain it takes destination: Address of receivier. amount: Amount to be transfered to receiver. data: encoded input data for call

It returns EthereumMetadata which includes chain_id, nonce and gas details for transaction.


It takes transaction bytes which is signed transaction bytes and it Submits signed transaction to chain and return its transaction id.


This function takes CallRequest which contains method and parameters and returns value returned by function or value stored at specific position in storage or proof of value stored at specific position in storage.

method: its a string containing 3 values separated by - (dash).
1. contract_address: This is the name of the contract.
2. method_signature in case of contract call or position in case of storage call.
3. call_type: This is the type of call. It can be call, storage or storage_proof.

parameters: It takes additional parameter needed for call or storage call. In case of storage call or storage_proof call user can pass block_number.


As name suggest first part of the method parameter is contract address.


For contract call this is the method signature of the function we want to call. For storage call this is the position of storage we want to fetch value from.


call: This is used to call a function in contract to get some value from it. Contract send calls are managed by universal wallet.

storage: This call type can be used to fetch storage from given contract provided the position of storage.

storage_proof: It returns proof of a value stored in contract storage at a given position.

transaction_receipt: This call type can be used to fetch transaction receipt of specified transaction.


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