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Client library for interacting with connectors

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This get starter to run example available in rosetta-client.


Setting up nodes

  1. First you need to build connectors for that you can run ./build_connectors.sh if you are running on mac you might get gcc error. To solve it please do following.

  2. Run rustup target add x86_64-unknown-linux-musl in mac.

  3. In ~/.cargo/config add following

linker = "x86_64-linux-musl-gcc"
  1. In build_connectors.sh replace cargo build with TARGET_CC=x86_64-linux-musl-gcc cargo build
  2. Run ./build_connectors.sh.
  3. After conenctors are build run docker compose up.

Compiling voting contract

  1. We have a voting_contract.sol we have to compile and get its binary in order to deploy it. For this you need to have solc installed. You can install it using brew install solidity or sudo apt-get install solc.
  2. Run solc --combined-json abi,bin --abi --bin voting_contract.sol -o ./voting_contract_files in contract folder.
  3. You will get voting_contract_files folder with voting_contract.abi, voting_contract.bin and combined_voting_contract.json which contains both abi and bin since we are only concerned with bin we will use voting_contract.bin. and for sake of easiness we have already compiled and imported it in examples folder.

Running voting_contract example

  1. This example demonstrate how to interact with smart contract using Aanlog's wallet. We will deploy a basic contracts storing yes or no votes and displays total votes on voting.
  2. Run cargo run --example voting_contract faucet. to get some funds to deploy contract.
  3. To deploy contract run cargo run --example voting_contract deploy. You will get deployed contract address as output, make sure you copy it.
  4. To vote for yes run cargo run --example voting_contract vote --contract-address "0x678ea0447843f69805146c521afcbcc07d6e28a2" -v To vote for no run cargo run --example voting_contract vote --contract-address "0x678ea0447843f69805146c521afcbcc07d6e28a2" you will get CallResponse as output containing n array first uint is total of yes votes and second for no votes in contract.

Running ethereum example

  1. This examples demonstrate how to interact with ethereum using Analog's wallet.
  2. Make sure you have voting contract deployed. If not please follow voting_contract example steps 2 and 3.
  3. Run cargo run --example ethereum -- --contract-address "0x678ea0447843f69805146c521afcbcc07d6e28a2"
  4. It runs all available methods available for wallet and respond with valid output.


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