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OpenTTD reader

Crate API

A demonstration crate to read the OpenTTD save files. Only use this project with a backup copy of your saves.


Default company info

cargo run company saves/example1.sav
 name                 inaugurated_year   president   currency   money     loan
 Petfield Transport   1950               D. Nelson   GBP        3647337   0


  • load save game ottx
  • parse the main company
  • parse the others companies
  • parse the trains
  • parse the planes
  • parse the trucks
  • parse the ships
  • parse the economy
  • parse the map
  • parse the cities
  • parse the industries
  • parse the stations
  • parse the ports
  • parse the airports
  • parse the roads
  • parse the rails
  • render the map in some way
  • support old save games
  • support other formats(ottd, ottn..)
  • lib mode
  • cli mode