Cargo Features

reqwest-wasm = { version = "0.11.16", default-features = false, features = ["default-tls", "native-tls", "native-tls-alpn", "native-tls-vendored", "rustls-tls", "rustls-tls-manual-roots", "rustls-tls-webpki-roots", "rustls-tls-native-roots", "blocking", "cookies", "gzip", "brotli", "deflate", "json", "multipart", "trust-dns", "stream", "socks"] }
default = default-tls

The default-tls feature is set by default whenever reqwest-wasm is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

default-tls default native-tls? = __tls, hyper-tls, native-tls-crate, tokio-native-tls

Note: this doesn't enable the 'native-tls' feature, which adds specific functionality for it.

native-tls native-tls-alpn? native-tls-vendored? = default-tls

Enables native-tls specific functionality not available by default.

native-tls-alpn = native-tls

Enables alpn of native-tls

native-tls-vendored = native-tls

Enables vendored of native-tls

rustls-tls = rustls-tls-webpki-roots
rustls-tls-manual-roots = __tls, hyper-rustls, rustls, rustls-pemfile, tokio-rustls
rustls-tls-webpki-roots rustls-tls? = __tls, hyper-rustls, rustls, rustls-pemfile, tokio-rustls, webpki-roots
rustls-tls-native-roots = __tls, hyper-rustls, rustls, rustls-native-certs, rustls-pemfile, tokio-rustls

Enables io of futures-util, rt-multi-thread and sync of tokio

Affects reqwest-wasm::blocking

cookies = cookie_crate, cookie_store, proc-macro-hack

Affects reqwest-wasm::cookie

gzip = async-compression, tokio-util

Enables gzip of async-compression ^0.3.13

brotli = async-compression, tokio-util

Enables brotli of async-compression ^0.3.13

deflate = async-compression, tokio-util

Enables zlib of async-compression ^0.3.13

json = serde_json
multipart = mime_guess

Affects async_impl::multipart, blocking::multipart, wasm::multipart

trust-dns = trust-dns-resolver
stream = tokio-util, wasm-streams

Enables fs of tokio

socks = tokio-socks
__tls default-tls rustls-tls-manual-roots? rustls-tls-native-roots? rustls-tls-webpki-roots?

Internal (PRIVATE!) features used to aid testing.
Don't rely on these whatsoever. They may disappear at anytime.

Enables common types used for TLS. Useless on its own.

Affects reqwest-wasm::tls

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

serde_json json?

Enables serde_json

Optional deps...


mime_guess multipart?

Enables mime_guess


Enables cookie ^0.16

Enables cookie_store ^0.16

hyper-tls not wasm32 default-tls

Enables hyper-tls ^0.5

proc-macro-hack not wasm32 cookies?
rustls-native-certs not wasm32 rustls-tls-native-roots?

Enables rustls-native-certs ^0.6

tokio-native-tls not wasm32 default-tls
tokio-socks not wasm32 socks?
trust-dns-resolver not wasm32 trust-dns?

Enables trust-dns-resolver ^0.22

wasm-streams wasm32 stream?

Enables wasm-streams ^0.2

webpki-roots not wasm32 rustls-tls-webpki-roots?

Enables webpki-roots ^0.22

async-compression not wasm32 brotli? deflate? gzip?

Enables async-compression ^0.3.13

hyper-rustls not wasm32 rustls-tls-manual-roots? rustls-tls-native-roots? rustls-tls-webpki-roots?

Enables hyper-rustls ^0.23

native-tls-crate not wasm32 default-tls native-tls-alpn? native-tls-vendored?

Enables native-tls

rustls not wasm32 rustls-tls-manual-roots? rustls-tls-native-roots? rustls-tls-webpki-roots?

Enables rustls ^0.20

rustls-pemfile not wasm32 rustls-tls-manual-roots? rustls-tls-native-roots? rustls-tls-webpki-roots?

Enables rustls-pemfile ^1.0

tokio-rustls not wasm32 rustls-tls-manual-roots? rustls-tls-native-roots? rustls-tls-webpki-roots?

Enables tokio-rustls ^0.23

tokio-util not wasm32 brotli? deflate? gzip? stream?