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The current version of redox_syscall is 0.5.1.

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The current version of redox_syscall is 0.5.1.

0.1.56 (older version) Rating: Negative Thoroughness: Low Understanding: Low

by MaulingMonkey on 2019-07-24

Exposes unsound APIs, lots of unverified syscalls.


src\arch*.rs: Skimmed... looks reasonable, but didn't verify correct instructions / register invalidation.

src\io\ Some unsafe... looks correct, but not thoroughly tested. src\io\ +1 src\io\ UNSOUND (can construct uninitialized() T via "safe" Mmio::new()!) src\io\ +1 src\io\ Some unsafe... looks reasonable, but didn't verify correct instructions.

src\scheme\ +1 src\scheme\ +1 src\scheme\scheme*.rs: UNSOUND (can construct arbitrary slices from arbitrary Packet s via Scheme*::handle)

.cargo_vcs_info.json: +1 .cargo-ok: +1 .gitlab-ci.yml: +1 Cargo.toml: +1 Cargo.toml.orig: +1 LICENSE: +1 +1


src\ Lots of unsafe syscalls... unverified. src\ UNSOUND (Map deref etc.) src\ No tests for STR_ERROR, but at least it's sound. src\ Sound, magic constant city, meh. src\ LEAKS UNSOUND TRAITS into public interface! src\ Safe, magic constant city. src\ Unsafe, but only #[test]s has been able to verify that all files in the crate's tarball are in the crate's repository with a git tag matching the version. Please note that this check is still in beta, and absence of this confirmation does not mean that the files don't match.

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