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Provides a common interface on top of storage backings

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redact-store is a storage server


redact-store currently only supports being run with a MongoDB back-end, although more will be added in the future. There are a couple options for getting a free mongo database:

  1. Get a 100% free, fully-managed database at mongodb.com (easier, available from any device)
  2. Host it locally by installing and running mongo (harder, only available locally)

The storage server simply takes in a connection string and database name and is agnostic to where the database is hosted.


  1. git clone https://github.com/pauwels-labs/redact-crypto
  2. echo "export REDACT_DB_URL=\"<mongo connection string>\"" >> config/config.env
  3. echo "export REDACT_DB_NAME=\"<db name>\"" >> config/config.env
  4. source config/config.env
  5. cargo r


  • Get data route. This route takes in a data path and will return the data at that path if it exists.
    • GET /<path>
    • <path> is a jsonpath-style string prepended and appended by a period, e.g. .profile.firstName.
  • Post data route. This route access an entire data entry and will store it in the database if possible.
    • POST /
    • The body of the request should be an Entry struct serialized as JSON


To run unit tests:

  1. cargo t

To run unit tests+code coverage output (does not work on macos or windows):

  1. cargo install tarpaulin
  2. cargo tarpaulin -o html

Docs & Support

Docs are available at docs.redact.ws.

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