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Low-level RDMA API.


This crate requires the latest rdma-core installation.

Please make sure the following commands work:

$ pkg-config --modversion libibverbs
$ pkg-config --modversion librdmacm

The output also shows the minimum required versions.



Add a Soft-RoCE device:

sudo rdma link add rxe0 type rxe netdev ens33

rxe0 is the RDMA device name. You can name it whatever you want. ens33 is the name of a network device. The name of the network device may be different. You can see it by running command ifconfig.

There is a tutorial for Chinese users: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/361740115.

Please install the tool just if you don't have it.

Install the examples:

just install-examples

Run the example rdma-devices:

$ rdma-devices
| name | guid             |
| ---- | ---------------- |
| rxe0 | 26418cfffe021df9 |

Run the example rdma-pingpong:

  • RC service

    • server side
      rdma-pingpong rc
    • client side
      rdma-pingpong rc
  • UD service

    • server side
      rdma-pingpong ud
    • client side
      rdma-pingpong ud

Run the benchmarks:

just bench-pingpong-rc
just bench-pingpong-ud

Run the example rdma-async:


Memory Management

All the APIs related with raw memory are unsafe.

We are exploring how to provide a safe and easy way to manage memory in RDMA.

The example rdma-async may give you inspiration.

Resource Management

The RDMA resources are managed by reference counting.

The graph below shows the relations between resources.



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