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Rust Driver for the Rainbow HAT for Raspberry Pi

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0.2.1 Jul 25, 2021
0.2.0 Aug 24, 2020
0.1.0 Aug 12, 2020

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Rust driver for Rainbow HAT

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This repository contains an unofficial Rust driver library for Rainbow HAT, for use with Raspberry Pi OS on your Raspberry Pi.
For the official Python driver see: https://github.com/pimoroni/rainbow-hat.
For the official AndroidThings driver see: https://github.com/androidthings/contrib-drivers/tree/master/rainbowhat.

This library depends on https://github.com/golemparts/rppal for access to the Raspberry Pi peripherals.

Current periferials supported:

Periferial Supported Structs
Multicolour LEDs X rainbow_hat_rs::apa102::APA102
Four 14-segment alphanumeric displays X rainbow_hat_rs::alphanum4::Alphanum4
Three capacitive touch buttons X rainbow_hat_rs::touch::Buttons
Temperature and pressure sensor
Blue, green and red LEDs X rainbow_hat_rs::lights::Lights
Piezo buzzer X rainbow_hat_rs::buzzer::Buzzer



Add a dependency for rainbow-hat-rs to your Cargo.toml.

rainbow-hat-rs = "0.2.0"

Call new() on any of the peripherals to construct a new instance.

use rainbow_hat_rs::lights::Lights;
use rainbow_hat_rs::alphanum4::Alphanum4;
use rainbow_hat_rs::touch::Buttons;
use rainbow_hat_rs::apa102::APA102;
use rainbow_hat_rs::buzzer::Buzzer;

let mut apa102 = APA102::new()?;
let mut lights = Lights::new()?;
let mut buttons = Buttons::new()?;
let mut alphanum = Alphanum4::new()?;
let mut buzzer = Buzzer::new()?;


See folder examples.

Multicolour LEDs

let mut apa102 = APA102::new()?;

 // Sets color for all LED.
 apa102.set_all(255, 0, 0, 0.5);

 // Sets color for first LED.
 apa102.set_pixel(0, 0, 255, 0, 0.5);

// Shows on the device.


let mut lights = Lights::new()?;

// Turn on red and green lights
lights.rgb(true, true, false);

// Turn off red light

// Turn on blue light

// Toggle green light


let mut buttons = Buttons::new()?;

// Identify if button A is pressed
if buttons.a.is_pressed() {
    println!("Button A touched!");


let mut alphanum = Alphanum4::new()?;

// Print a message on the display
alphanum.print_str("1234", false);


let mut buzzer = Buzzer::new()?;

// Play a note
buzzer.midi_note(69, 0.3)?;


Always be careful when working with the Raspberry Pi's peripherals, especially if you attach any external components to the GPIO pins. Improper use can lead to permanent damage.

Copyright (c) 2020 Yann Nicolas. Released under the MIT license.