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A way to quickly navigate your filesystem from the command line

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A way to quickly navigate your filesystem from the command line.

Table of Contents

What is Quicknav

Quicknav is a command line tool that allows you to easily jump to specific locations in your filesystem from a simple command. Quicknav is built for terminal navigation on Unix operating systems.

Why Quicknav

Quicknav allows you to easily set shortcuts to locations in your filesystem. It is made to speed up your terminal navigation to commonly accessed places without cluttering your terminal with aliases.


# easily navigate to shortcuts that were set in the config
nav rs     # go to rust projects folder
nav py     # go to python projects folder
nav js     # go to javascript projects folder

Getting Started

Installing Quicknav

You can install quicknav via one of the supported package managers or by downloading the binary and adding it to your path. Prebuilt binaries can be downloaded from the GitHub releases page.

In the future, support for more package managers will continue to grow.

Distribution Package Manager Command
Arch Paru paru -S quicknav
Arch Yay yay -S quicknav
MacOS Homebrew brew tap MrDogeBro/quicknav && brew install quicknav
Debian (or Debian Based) Install Script sudo /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MrDogeBro/quicknav/HEAD/scripts/deb-install.sh)"
Any (Rust Installed) Cargo cargo install quicknav

Adding Quicknav to Your Shell

Adding quicknav to your shell is incredibly easy. You just need to add the following line to your shells configuration file and replace shell_name with the name of your shell. The shells listed below are the only shells that are currently supported. Other shells may work but are not guaranteed to. If you would like another shell to be supported, please head over to feedback in the discussions tab.


Add the following to your ~/.bashrc

eval "$(quicknav init bash)"

Add the following to your ~/.zshrc

eval "$(quicknav init zsh)"

Add the following to your ~/.config/fish/config.fish

quicknav init fish | source


For more info on quicknav such as configuration, head over to our docs where you can find all of the information you might need.


Quicknav is licensed under an MIT license.


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