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Utilities for loading Pixelorama files. Only supports recent Pixelorama versions.

By default, a file will be read into a Pxo file, and each Cel (one exists for every frame and layer) is stored as a separate image. This method of loading is recommended only when separate layers are needed, such as if different, swappable items of clothing are stored on different layers.

The sprite feature, enabled by default, allows loading a file into a more useable Sprite. Layers are merged so that there is a single image per frame. The rest of the Sprite describe how to animate it.

The pack feature allows packing loaded files. The images of a Sprite are packed into a single spritesheet image and a PackedSprite is used to hold the sprite data, with each frame represented by a PackedFrame. The image is returned separately from the PackedSprite because it is also possible to pack multiple files into the same image.

Basic Usage

let file = File::open("path/to/your/sprite.pxo")?;

// Load a .pxo and convert it into a sprite
let pxo = pxo::Pxo::load(file)?;
let sprite = pxo::Sprite::from(pxo, SpriteOptions::Default())?;

// Alternatively, a .pxo can be directly loaded as a sprite
let sprite = pxo::Sprite::load(file, SpriteOptions::Default())?;

// Packing a single sprite
// An error will be returned if the sprite cannot be packed into a 2048x2048 image
let (packed, image) = pxo::PackedSprite::pack_sprite(sprite, 2048, 2048)?;

// Packing two sprites, loaded from two different files, into the same image
sprite_a = pxo::Sprite::load(file_a, SpriteOptions::Default())?;
sprite_b = pxo::Sprite::load(file_b, SpriteOptions::Default())?;

let (packed, image) = pxo::PackedSprite::pack_sprites(&[sprite_a, sprite_b], 2048, 2048)?;


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