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helps keeping your disk clean of build and dependency artifacts safely

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"putzen" is German and means cleaning. It helps keeping your disk clean of build and dependency artifacts safely.



In short, putzen solves the problem of cleaning up build or dependency artifacts. It does so by a simple "File" -> "Folder" rule. If the "File" and "Folder" is present, it cleans "Folder"

It also does all this fast, means in parallel (if the filesystem supports it).

Supported Artifacts

putzen supports cleaning artifacts for:

type file that is checked folder that is cleaned
rust Cargo.toml target
javascript package.json node_modules
CMake CMakeLists.txt build

furthermore, it does also support:

  • It can do run a dry-run (-d)
  • Interactive asking for deletion
  • Sums up the space that will be freed

Quick Start


On Linux as snap

Get it from the Snap Store


sudo snap install putzen

With cargo

To install the putzen, you just need to run

cargo install putzen-cli

Note the binary is called putzen (without -cli)

to verify if the installation was successful, you can run which putzen that should output similar to



$ putzen --help

Usage: putzen <folder> [-v] [-d] [-y] [-L] [-a]

help keeping your disk clean of build and dependency artifacts

Positional Arguments:
  folder            path where to start with disk clean up.

  -v, --version     show the version number
  -d, --dry-run     dry-run will never delete anything, good for simulations
  -y, --yes-to-all  switch to say yes to all questions
  -L, --follow      follow symbolic links
  -a, --dive-into-hidden-folders
                    dive into hidden folders too, e.g. `.git`
  --help            display usage information

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