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Shared library injection for *nix using ptrace

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ptrace-inject is a tool for injecting code into a running process using ptrace. It is a tool for *nix systems - for Windows, see dll-syringe. Currently, only x64 is supported, but support for other architectures is planned as soon as I can test them.

ptrace-inject is both a Rust library and a command line tool. Here's an example of using the library:

use std::{process::Command, path::PathBuf};
use ptrace_inject::{Injector, Process};

let library = PathBuf::from("path/to/library.so");

// Spawn a new process and inject the library into it.
let target = Command::new("target-process");

// Or attach to an existing process.
let proc = Process::by_name("target-process")?.expect("to find target process");

See the documentation for more information.

The usage of the command line tool is as follows:

Usage: ptrace-inject [OPTIONS] <--name <NAME>|--pid <PID>> <LIBRARY>

  <LIBRARY>  Path to the library to inject

  -v, --verbose...   More output per occurrence
  -q, --quiet...     Less output per occurrence
  -n, --name <NAME>  Name of a process to attach to
  -p, --pid <PID>    PID of a process to attach to
  -h, --help         Print help
  -V, --version      Print version

You can install it with cargo install ptrace-inject --features cli.


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