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0.1.2 Jun 13, 2016

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Rust library to read out system stats from a machine running Unix. Currently only supports Linux.

Supported stats

System wide

  • load
  • cpu
  • memory
  • network
  • io
  • disk

Per process

  • memory (total, resident, virtual)


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  • Download and install Docker
  • Build the images: make build
  • Make sure that the path where this code resided can be mounted as a volume with Docker.
  • Run the tests on all images: make test
  • Add awesome features!

The tests on Travis are only run directly on that VM. Make sure to run the full test suite manually before every release.


  • Update version in Cargo.toml.
  • Update CHANGELOG.md file.
  • Commit your changes.
  • Tag the release: git tag v#.#.#.
  • Run cargo publish.