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Automated decoding tool, Ciphey but in Rust

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Project Ares

Ares demo

Ares is the next generation of decoding tools, built by the same people that brought you Ciphey.

We fully intend to replace Ciphey with Ares.

✨ You can read more about Ares here https://skerritt.blog/introducing-ares/

How to Use

The simplest way to use Ares is to join the Discord Server, head to the #bots channel and use ares with $ares. Type $help for helpful information!

The second best way is to use cargo install project_ares and call it with ares.

You can also git clone this repo and run docker build . it to get an image.


Some features that may interest you, and that we're proud of.


Ares is fast. Very fast. Other decoders such as Ciphey require advance artifical intelligence to determine which path it should take to decode (whether to try Caesar next or Base64 etc).

Ares is so fast we don't need to worry about this currently. For every 1 decode Ciphey can do, Ares can do ~7. That's a 700% increase in speed.

Library First

There are 2 main parts to Ares, the library and the CLI. The CLI simply uses the library which means you can build on-top of Ares. Some features we've built are:

  • A Discord Bot
  • Better testing of the whole program 💖
  • This CLI


Ares currently supports 16 decoders and it is growing fast. Ciphey supports around ~50, and we are adding more everyday.


One of the big issues with Ciphey is that it could run forever. If it couldn't decode your text, you'd never know!

Ares has a timer (built into the library and the CLI) which means it will eventually expire. The CLI defaults to 5 seconds, the Discord Bot defaults to 10 (to account for network messages being sent across).

Better Docs, Better Tests

Ares already has ~120 tests, documentation tests (to ensure our docs are kept up to date) and we enforce documentation on all of our major components. This is beautiful.


Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 17 08 36

LemmeKnow is the Rust version of PyWhat. It's 33 times faster which means we can now decode and determine whether something is an IP address or whatnot 3300% faster than in Python.


Ciphey did not support multi-threading, it was quite slow. Ares supports it natively using Rayon, one of the fastest multi-threading libraries out there.

While we do not entirely see the effects of it with only 16 decoders (and them being quite fast), as we add more decoders (and slower ones) we'll see it won't affect the overall programs speed as much.

Multi level decodings

Ciphey did not support multi-level decryptions like a path of Rot13 -> Base64 -> Rot13 because it was so slow. Ares is fast enough to support this, although we plan to turn it off eventually.


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