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0.18.0 Mar 31, 2023
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0.13.0 Jul 12, 2022
0.12.0 Nov 24, 2021
0.2.0 Oct 23, 2019

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This crate provides a CLI to work with embedded targets.

You can use it as a cargo runner, flash targets, run target diagnostics, has a simple debugger, can log RTT output from the target, opening a GDB server connected to the target, and much more functionality!

Various chip families including but not limited to nRF5x, STM32 and LPC800 can be worked with using DAPLink, ST-Link or J-Link. It supports all the targets & probes probe-rs supports.


If you think the probe-rs-cli makes your embedded journey more enjoyable or even earns you money, please consider supporting the project on Github Sponsors for better support and more features.


You can install this utility with cargo after installing the prerequisites listed below:

cargo install probe-rs-cli


You can discover the available functionality

probe-rs-cli help


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