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Your current git repository information inside a beautiful shell prompt.

Preview of pretty-git-prompt


  • You are able to display values such as:
    • git repository state (resolving merge conflict, interactive rebase, ...)
    • Current branch name.
    • Count of changed, newly-added, staged, conflicting files.
    • Number of items in stash.
  • You can track divergence against arbitrary branches.
  • Every value in output can be fully configured via a config file.
  • Sample configuration files feature colors.
  • The tool supports zsh and bash.
  • pretty-git-prompt is written in Rust programming language and is delivered as a single, statically-linked binary.

Development status

The tool is ready to use.

How can I try this out?

Very easily! You don't need to install pretty-git-prompt if you just want to see it in action. There is a make target which launches docker container with whole environment set up.

It just takes some time to prepare the environment (create build environment, compile the tool, run the demo).

Just clone this git repository

$ git clone https://github.com/TomasTomecek/pretty-git-prompt

and run...


$ make zsh-demo

And this is what you should see:

Preview using zsh.

This is an interactive shell, so you can play with it.


In case you want to see the tool in bash shell:

$ make bash-demo

Preview using bash.

This demo is one of the ways I verify that the tool works correctly.


If you want to add pretty-git-prompt inside your shell, this section contains information how to do that.

Obtaining pretty-git-prompt binary

GitHub release

Get the binary via latest GitHub release.

For a linux distrubution:

$ curl -O https://github.com/TomasTomecek/pretty-git-prompt/releases/download/0.2.0/pretty-git-prompt-0.2.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

Or for MacOS:

$ curl -O https://github.com/TomasTomecek/pretty-git-prompt/releases/download/0.2.0/pretty-git-prompt-0.2.0-x86_64-apple-darwin

Compile it yourself

$ make build

As stated inside demo section above, this takes some time.

If you have rust compiler and cargo available on your system, you can compile the tool without using a container:

$ make exec-stable-build

The binary is then available on this path:

$ ls -lha target/release/pretty-git-prompt
-rwxr-xr-x 2 user group 1.7M May  9 21:37 target/release/pretty-git-prompt

shell configuration

Before digging into .bashrc and .zshrc, please make sure that binary pretty-git-prompt is placed on your $PATH:

$ pretty-git-prompt


This seems to be the minimal config required:

export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
# Load colors.
autoload -U colors
# Allow for functions in the prompt.

Just put it inside your ~/.zshrc and try it out.


You should paste this inside your ~/.bashrc:

pretty_prompt() { PS1="$(pretty-git-prompt)\n\$ "; }
export PROMPT_COMMAND="pretty_prompt ; $PROMPT_COMMAND"

For more info about the presented solution, please read these superuser.com and stackoverflow threads.

Solving problems

If you encounter a problem, you may run the tool with verbose output to help you resolve the issue:

$ pretty-git-prompt --debug
Debug messages are enabled.
This is not a git repository: Error { code: -3, klass: 6, message: "could not find repository from \'.\'" }


The configuration is documented inside default config file. Therefore it's not explicitly written down here. You can obtain it via:

$ pretty-git-prompt create-default-config
Configuration file created at "/home/you/.config/pretty-git-prompt.yml"

This repository contains also configuration for bash and zsh with colors:

  1. files/pretty-git-prompt.yml.bash
  2. files/pretty-git-prompt.yml.zsh

In case anything is not clear from the comments inside the config files, please open a new issue.



This is an open source project. I don't guarantee any support. Everything is best effort.

Writing code

This project builds upon several principles:

  1. Configurable as much as possible.
  2. Pretty and useful.
  3. As few dependencies as possible.
  4. Easy to contribute to:
    • Build with a single command.
    • Build inside predictive environment.
    • Test with a single command.

If you encounter any issue, please submit it! I will take a look. The best thing to do in the meanwhile is to try fixing it yourself.

The whole development environment should be trivial to setup, even run tests.

All you need is docker engine running and make.

First you need to build container image with rust and all dependencies inside:

$ make nightly-environment

This is using latest nightly rust. The nightly is used because of clippy.

And then just make sure all tests are passing and you are not introducing any new warnings:

$ make test

If any of the two make invocations above doesn't work for you, please open an issue.


This tool is heavily inspired by zsh-git-prompt. At some point I realized, I wanted a more powerful tool so I wrote pretty-git-prompt.


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