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no-std pqcrypto-picnic

Picnic implementation for pqcrypto

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Uses new Rust 2021

0.1.0 Aug 19, 2022
0.0.2 Apr 5, 2022
0.0.1 Dec 6, 2021

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MIT license

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Picnic implementation for pqcrypto

This crate provides bindings for the optimized implementation of the Picnic digital signature scheme. It implements the traits of the pqcrypto-traits crate.


This crate supports the following features:

  • picnic (default): Enable the Picnic parameter sets with ZKB++/Fiat-Shamir as proof system.
  • unruh-transform: Enable the Picnic parameter sets with ZKB++/Unruh as proof system.
  • picnic3 (default): Enable the Picnic parameter sets with KKW/Fiat-Shamir as proof system.
  • system (default): Use the shared library of Picnic per default.
  • static-fallback (default): Build Picnic on demand if shared library is not available.
  • std (default): Use std.
  • serialization: Enable serialization with serde.

If the crate is not built with std enabled, the alloc crates is used.

Security Notes

This crate has received no security audit. Use at your own risk.


This crate is licensed under the MIT license.


~40K SLoC