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Types and traits to support implementing Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold signature schemes (FROST)

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FROST (Flexible Round-Optimised Schnorr Threshold signatures) Core

Base traits and types in Rust that implement 'Two-Round Threshold Schnorr Signatures with FROST' generically for Ciphersuite implementations.

For key generation, refer to the keys module. For round-specific types and functions, refer to the round1 and round2 modules. This module contains types and functions not directly related to key generation and the FROST rounds.

Status ⚠

The FROST specification is not yet finalized, though no significant changes are expected at this point. This code base has been audited by NCC. The APIs and types in frost-core are subject to change during the release candidate phase, and will follow SemVer guarantees after 1.0.0.


frost-core implements the base traits and types in a generic manner, to enable top-level implementations for different ciphersuites / curves without having to implement all of FROST from scratch. End-users should not use frost-core if they want to sign and verify signatures, they should use the crate specific to their ciphersuite/curve parameters that uses frost-core as a dependency, such as frost_ristretto255.


See ciphersuite-specific crates, e.g. frost_ristretto255.


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