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Simple port forwarding tool, built with tokio-rs 🦀

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What does it do?

Pretty much the very same thing as Windows' netsh interface portproxy or Linux's iptables forward - it maps the incoming connections from listen local adress & port to remote connect address and port.

Only TCP port forwarding is supported at this time.

This tool does not currently offer anything more over the native OS tools, maybe besides the unification and ease of defining the mappings.



cargo install portproxy

From source

Clone the repo and compile it:

git clone https://github.com/spitfire05/portproxy.git
cd portproxy
cargo install

Pre-compiled binaries

Windows binaries are avialable in the releases section of this repo.


portproxy will try to read the config for paths in following order:

  1. --config CLI arg, if set
  2. Value of PORTPROXY_CONFIG env variable, if set
  3. ~/.config/portproxy/toml

Config should contain one or more [[proxy]] elements, that define the port mappings:

listen = "localhost:8080"        # local address to listen on
connect = "some-server.lan:8485" # remote (or local) address to connect to


Running is as simple as it can be - just call the portproxy binary. There are optional flags/parameters:

Usage: portproxy [OPTIONS]

  -c, --config-path <CONFIG_PATH>  Path to read the config from. If not set, will fall back to value of $PORTPROXY_CONFIG, and "~/.config/portproxy.toml", in that order
  -l, --log-level <LOG_LEVEL>      [default: info] [possible values: error, warn, info, debug, trace]
  -d, --log-dir <LOG_DIR>          Directory to write the log files to. Logging to file will be disabled if this is not set
  -h, --help                       Print help
  -V, --version                    Print version

As a service/daemon


Use Shawl to create a windows service of portproxy.

shawl add --no-restart --no-log --name portproxy -- C:\full\path\to\portproxy.exe --log-level debug --log-dir C:\full\path\to\logs\directory <optional args>


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