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app tcping

A tool for testing native-to-target port latency, using Rust

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🌐 A TCP ping utility to determine reachability of a TCP port, using Rust.


This project is built with Rust and Cargo. To install Rust and Cargo, follow the instructions here.

To build the project, navigate to the project directory and run:

cargo build --release

This will create an executable in the ./target/release directory.


To run the executable, navigate to the ./target/release directory and run:



tcping <host:port> [-c count] [-t]


  • host:port is the host and port to ping
  • -c count is the number of times to ping the host (default: 4)
  • -t enables continuous pinging
  • -h displays help
  • -V displays version


This tool allows you to measure the latency to a server using TCP. It is built with Rust and uses the clap library for command line argument parsing.


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