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Discord Rich Presence for whatever you're watching on Plex

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1.1.1 Dec 6, 2022
1.1.0 Jun 7, 2022
1.0.0 May 27, 2022

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Plex Discord Rich Presence

Displays what movies or shows you're currently watching your Plex server.

Heavily inspired by mpd-discord-rpc by Jake Stanger.


Install via cargo:

cargo install plex-discord-rpc

Manual installation

Build a release binary using the following command:

cargo build --release --locked

Then copy it from target/release/plex-discord-rpc to your favorite bin folder, and make it executable.

cp target/release/plex-discord-rpc ~/.local/bin
chmod +x ~/.local/bin/plex-discord-rpc

Then, assuming your bin folder is in your $PATH, run the binary:



Running the program once will generate a default configuration file. On Linux, this will be at ~/.config/plex-discord-rpc/config.toml.

Plex Configuration

  • host - The hostname of your Plex server. Example: host.plex.local
  • username - Your username on the Plex server. This is used to track which session is yours and what you're currently watching.
  • token - The X-Plex-Token for your Plex server. See here on how to find your token.
  • tls - If your Plex server is using TLS (IE https or wss) then this should be set to true.

Discord Configuration

  • app_id - The Discord application ID to use for rich presence activity.
  • large_image - The large image asset used for rich presence.
  • small_image - The small image asset used for rich presence.
  • large_text - The text that shows on hovering the large image.
  • small_text - The text that shows on hovering the small image.

Default configuration

host = "localhost:32400"
username = "admin"
token = "change me"
tls = true

app_id = 979815538509348874
large_image = "plex"
small_image = ""
large_text = "Plex"
small_text = ""


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