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Library for interacting with a pkgsrc installation

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A Rust interface to pkgsrc packages and the pkg_install pkgdb.

This is being developed alongside pm, a Rust implementation of a pkgsrc package manager. Anything that handles lower level pkg_install routines will be placed here.


This is a simple implementation of pkg_info(8) that supports the default output format, i.e. list all currently installed packages and their single-line comment.

use pkgsrc::{MetadataEntry, PkgDB};
use std::path::Path;

fn main() -> Result<(), std::io::Error> {
    let pkgdb = PkgDB::open(Path::new("/var/db/pkg"))?;

    for pkg in pkgdb {
        let pkg = pkg?;
        println!("{:20} {}",



  • pkg_match() is implemented and verified to be correct against a large input of matches.
  • Metadata handles "+*" files contained in an archive and is able to verify that the archive contains a valid package.
  • PkgDB handles local pkg databases, currently supporting the regular file-backed repository, but with flexible support for future sqlite3-backed repositories.
  • Summary handles pkg_summary(5) parsing and generation.


This project is licensed under the ISC license.

Testing/compatibility notes

Generate list of dependency matches.

sqlite3 /var/db/pkgin/pkgin.db 'SELECT remote_deps_dewey FROM remote_deps' | sort | uniq > pkgdeps.txt

Generate list of package names

sqlite3 /var/db/pkgin/pkgin.db 'SELECT fullpkgname FROM remote_pkg' >pkgnames.txt

Implement the following algorithm in both C and Rust and compare output

while read pattern; do
    while read pkg; do
        pkg_match "${pattern}" "${pkg}"
        printf "%s\t%s\t%s", ${pattern}, ${pkg}, $? >> outfile
    done < pkgnames.txt
done < pkgdeps.txt

As an added bonus, the C version took 55 seconds to generate 158,916,879 matches, whilst the Rust version took 42 seconds.


~167K SLoC