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A simple TUI frontend for Eludris

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0.3.3 May 23, 2023
0.3.2 Jan 22, 2023

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A simple TUI for Eludris made in rust.

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To use pilfer either download a binary from the releases page or building it locally with

cargo install pilfer

Pilfer is also available on the AUR:

<your-favourite-aur-helper> -S pilfer

You can also yoink the precompiled binaries from the releases page of this repository.

Pilfer defaults to using @ooliver1's Eludris instance located at https://eludris.tooty.xyz/, to change that overwrite the REST_URL environment variable.

You can also define a default name using the PILFER_NAME environment variable, it has to be > 1 characters < 33 characters.


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